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International Conference on


“Modern technologies, strategies and tools

for sustainable irrigation management and governance
in Mediterranean agriculture”

(IrriMed 2015)

Valenzano (Bari, Italy), 23-25 September 2015



The IRMA project (“Efficient Irrigation Management Tools for Agricultural Cultivations and Urban Landscapes”), financed in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (ETCP) GREECE-ITALY 2007-2013 (, has been launched on April 2013.  The closing event of IRMA will be the International Conference on “Modern technologies, strategies and tools for sustainable irrigation management and governance in Mediterranean agriculture” (IrriMed 2015), to be held on 23-24-25 September 2015 in Valenzano (Bari, Italy). IrriMed 2015 is organised by Regione Puglia (Italy), with the scientific support of the Institute of Sciences of Food Production (CNR-ISPA, Bari, Italy) and in the partnership with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-IAMB, Bari).

Water scarcity is becoming a real threat to the sustainability of irrigated agriculture. This issue is of primary interest in Mediterranean countries, where population dynamics, upgraded standards of living, economic and social development, and the use of water-consuming technologies require careful and continuous assessment of models for water resources use. Since agriculture is the major consumer of water, the focus should be turned towards increasing the efficiency of water use in the Mediterranean agricultural systems. Hence, the aim of IrriMed 2015 is to present the latest scientific and technological achievements in the irrigation sector and to offer a platform for discussion and debate among actors/stakeholders involved in the management and governance of water for agricultural use. Both scientific research advancements on irrigation practice and water resources governance topics will be covered in the sessions of the Conference. 

It is our pleasure to invite you to actively participate in IrriMed 2015, by proposing sessions, roundtables, workshops, special events, technical meetings, short courses as well as social activities, promote the event, and  prepare presentations for it. We invite you to save the date for taking part at the Conference. The definitive program of the Conference is now under definition, so feel free to get in touch with us for proposals and suggestions.  

The participation in the event is free of charge.

The book of abstracts with ISBN will be distributed at the beginning of the event.

Looking forward to meet you next September in Bari.

The IrriMed 2015 organizing committee


The Conference place is CIHEAM – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, in Italian ISTITUTO AGRONOMICO MEDITERRANEO DI BARI (IAMB), Via Ceglie, 9, Valenzano, Bari - Tel. +39 0804606111

The IAMB is located in Valenzano (a scientific and technological area of Bari), located about 8 km from the city center. The organizers will provide the transfer from the hotels in Bari and from Hotel 90, located in Capurso, to the Conference place (IAMB) in the morning (before the start of the sessions) and in the afternoon (after the closure of the sessions). The time schedule of transfer from the hotels to the conference place is reported in the link above.

There is city bus transport (bus number 4) from the city center of Bari (the station is in the front of Hotel “Oriente” and Teatro Petruzzelli) to the IAMB which is the last station. The ticket is about 2€.

How to reach your hotel from the airport?

There are three alternatives:

1) to take the regular bus shuttle from the airport to the city center (the ticket is about 5€);

2) to take a fast train from the airport to the city center (the ticket is about 5€)

3) to take a taxi (taxi transfer from the airport to the hotels in Bari costs about 25-30€ while the price of taxi to reach Valenzano is about 35-40€).

In the case you are arriving by train you can take another local train to reach Valenzano (10 minutes) or the bus number 4. There is also another (blue) bus which is going from Largo Ciaia square (close to train station) to Valenzano. The taxi transfer from Bari to Valenzano costs about 15-20€.

For general information about the different types of transport services between the Airport and the City of Bari:


For more information about the time schedule of the train connections ensured by the 'Ferrovie Nord Barese' between Airport and 'Bari Centrale' train station:


For more information about the local bus service ensured by the 'Amtab spa' (bus number 4) between the centre of the city and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute:

- to see the travel map (zoom on bus n. 4)


- to see the time schedule for bus n. 4: